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Montessori Friendly Books for Babies

I am often asked what kinds of books are good for babies. My first answer is "books that you and your child will want to read." The Montessori method would encourage books that are based on realistic topics, including images that your child would see in their life. We avoid fantasy during the first 6 years because children are still learning about their world. This doesn't mean that one book about Mickey Mouse, or other fictional character, will damage your child. I would just have the majority of books with topics that are more realistic.

Here are the five kinds of books Layla enjoyed as a baby:

1) Books with simple illustrations. Having one or two main images per page helps babies to focus on the pictures. They are also gaining an understanding of the meaning of words. Having less to look at helps them to gather information and connect vocabulary to the images.

I really love "We Sang You Home" and "Little You" by Richard van Camp and illustrated by Julie Flett. Not only are they beautifully illustrated, the stories are so beautiful. These are my go to gifts for every new baby in my life.

2) Books with photos of other babies. Layla LOVED looking at books that featured other babies. We really enjoyed the Global Baby series.

3) Books with colors and animals. There are so many great books that feature colors and animals and they are a great way to reinforce vocabulary.

4) Books that have fun sounds. These types of books could feature vehicles, animals, musical instruments or other types of sounds. They are fun to read and to listen to!

5) Books that have repeating words and rhyme. These books are so interesting to listen to and provide rich language experiences.

What are your favorite baby books? Which kind would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

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