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A Little About Me

I am a Montessori teacher, professional organizer and mother.  My mission is to help caregivers create a prepared, organized and child-friendly home.

The Montessori philosophy has played a major role in my life.  My parents enrolled me in Montessori preschool at age 3 and I continued in a Montessori school until Grade 7.  I volunteered in a Montessori school during college and university as I was completing my Bachelors in Art History.  It was clear that I was drawn to working with and teaching children, so I decided to go into teaching and completed my Bachelors of Education from UBC in 2006.  I completed my AMS Elementary I-II Credentials (2007) and a Montessori Approach to Education Post Baccalaureate Diploma at SFU (2008).  I have been teaching in a Public Montessori school since 2006.


     When I had my daughter in 2016, I was so excited to use what I learned about Montessori and implement that philosophy in our home.  I wasn't expecting such a learning curve.  I felt so overwhelmed.  There were so many things to think about and all I could really focus on was trying keep her alive and getting sleep whenever I could!  I just wanted answers and quickly.  Whenever I thought I had a handle on things, she changed.  I wished there was some magical fairy godmother who could come and help (and who would help me to do it myself...that's the Montessori child in me).


     After I got out of the "newborn baby fog," I started researching and making a plan.  I was determined to help others not feel the way I did.  I took a few courses geared towards younger children and completed a professional organization course.  I am still learning along the way, but feel so much more prepared.


     I want to help other parents by eliminating some of the guess work and giving guidance on how to prepare the home so it is a space that is beautiful, organized and supports the developmental needs of each child...this is what Montessori called the "Prepared Environment."



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