"When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower." -Alexander Den Heijer

Are you interested in creating a prepared, organized and child-friendly environment? 

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Purple Flowers


"We had Sarah come to our home to organize our toy area. We have a 6 year old, a 4 year old, and a 4 month old so there was a multitude of toys and it was a chaotic mess. Sarah helped me sort though the toys, eliminate ones that were no longer enjoyed by the children, and organize the remaining ones in a way that was conducive to the children playing and cleaning up independently. Our area is not only neater, it is much less overwhelming for the children now that things are organized, down at their level, and everything has its own place to be put away in. The children have been much happier in the space and are much more independent when clean up time comes. Sarah also helped me learn about toy rotation. She helped me understand that putting things away for a while and rotating them out would refresh my children's interest in toys that were once "boring." It totally works! When I bring out a bin of toys the kids haven't seen in a while they are excited to show each other "what is out now." I highly recommend Sarah and can't say enough how pleased we have all been with the results! Thank you Sarah!"



"I have two kids under four years old. Because of the sheer number of toys we have, my husband and I were doing toy purges every two months. Even with the trips to the thrift store to donate toys, we were still frustrated with the kids’ toys kids all over the house and having to clean up after the kids. It usually took about 20 minutes to tidy up.

Sarah came to our house and did a quick look over our current system. Then we got down to work. I was amazed at how quickly we were able to sort and organize al the toys. We kept our kids’ favourite toys out and the rest went into a rotation. Sarah gave us some guidance and pointers for how to set up and maintain a toy rotation system. I appreciated Sarah’s philosophy of using the bins, containers, baskets, and shelves we already had.

I am really pleased with the outcome of our one-hour consultation. Surprisingly, my kids didn’t even seem to mind a drastic reduction in the number of toys available. They are able access everything, be it a toy, arts and crafts supplies, or packaged activity without parental help. The process helped me understand that less really is more. Most impressive is that my kids know each item has a “home” and are able to clean up without much supervision. If in a rush to leave the house, I can tidy up in about two minutes. (As I type, my just-turned two year old just handed me a train set with over 10 cars he finished playing with, back in its bin. How awesome is that?)"