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Interview with Julie of The Prepared Nest

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

I am super excited for today's interview! Julie has a lot of experience as both a Montessori parent and guide. Her Instagram account is full of inspiration and easy to accomplish activities...I always look forward to seeing what she posts next. I really appreciate Julie's focus on respecting and following the child and setting up a prepared environment.

I am so happy she took time out of her schedule to chat with me. Enjoy the interview...

Tell me about yourself...

Hi, I’m Julie and I live in the Charleston, SC Lowcountry with my husband, Mike, and mini Goldendoodle, Peaches. We have three grown children and are delighted to have become new grandparents during this last year! I’m an AMI primary certified guide and, prior to my certification, assisted for several years in both primary and lower elementary classrooms while studying early childhood education. I left the classroom after the birth of our first child and began creating a Montessori at home lifestyle for our family.  I also developed a passion for and worked in interior design for a few years before being drawn back to Montessori.

When our youngest left for college, I founded The Prepared Nest to inspire other families to consider Montessori at home. For the past few years, I have been guiding a few local children (6 weeks to 6 years old) privately in our home — with spaces prepared and designed for their developmental stages.  On occasion, I’ve made my way back into a few local Montessori classrooms, as a substitute assistant and/or guide, working with children from six weeks to six years. I’m also coaching and consulting with grandparents on how to better connect and foster relationships with their young grandchildren, especially as they interact in these virtual times. 

Tell me about your homeschooling experience and your current work in your do your prepare your space and plan your time?

Montessori at home schooling was not in my initial plan for The Prepared Nest, however, our children did benefit greatly from a Montessori at home prepared environment and lifestyle. As far as my recent work with children in our home, it really began as offer to care for a few friend’s children randomly, but quickly stirred a piece of my heart that missed working with children. In no time, I was back guiding and, prior to #stayhome, the children were thriving. 

The families I’ve worked with had no firsthand experience with Montessori but soon realized just how Montessori principles meet the developmental needs of all children.  With one shelf in our sunroom and two small shelves in our kitchen, I began individualized work with one young friend at a time. 

I have four closed door cabinets containing infant, toddler, preschool and kindergarten age materials for rotating. Based on the individual child’s stage of development, I prepare our sunroom shelf with 8-12 activities (both store bought materials and DIY) and incorporate sensorial, language, math and culture lessons and experiences. Our two small kitchen shelves work beautifully for practical life, art and science. Less is more! I think it’s incredibly helpful to prepare the shelves each morning before the child arrives (or wakes up, for homeschoolers).