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Interview and Home Tour with Amorette of

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Today's tour and interview is with Amorette of Instagram account

What I love most about Amorette is her honesty and that she is constantly sharing insightful information in an approachable way. I've personally been curious about her set up with twins and if there is anything twin families need to do differently. She is also homeschooling, which I know many of you are interested in learning more about.

On top of all of that, she is Autistic, an Autism advocate and has written a book: Hello, I Have Autism (an Autistic Children's Guide-And for Those Who Care-from an Autistic).

main shelf that is rotated as needed

Tell me about yourself...

I'm Amorette, an Autistic mother to 2.5-year-old twins, E and V. I've been practicing Montessori for over 10 years.

When did you first learn about Montessori?

When helping to raise my nephew, T. A friend of my sister's was interested in Montessori. Hearing her talk about it, I thought it would be great for him, as well as for me as an Autistic with sensory sensitivities. The more I read about it, the more I realized it was ideal.

gardening materials, this area was once used for food prep

How have you created a Prepared Environment in your home?