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Finding Art Supplies at the Dollar Store

When finding art supplies for your child, a good place to start is the local dollar store.  You can often find some great deals at a low price.  Here are my top 10 dollar store finds:

1)    Paper!  You can find construction paper, drawing paper, tissue paper and often patterned paper for a fraction of the price at a craft store.  You child won’t even know the difference.  Sometimes you can luck out and find watercolor paper as well!

2)    Paint brushes! Try to find a pack with a variety of sizes.

3)    Sponges and cloths for art and cleaning. Sponges can be cut and used with paint for a fun project.

I only put out 1/3 of the watercolor paints that came in the pack.

4)    Painter’s Tape I use painter’s tape all the time! Layla has even started tape down her own paper so it doesn’t move around. I also use it to tape down a garbage bag when we are doing a very messy project.

5)    Plastic trays for storing items or putting paint in.

6)    Waterproof placemat or garbage bags to cover your table or floor and to define the work space.

7)    Watercolor paint pallets-make sure they say “washable.”

8)    Liquid glue and glue sticks - you can use a small glass container with a lid for liquid glue so it isn’t a big mess.

9)    Chalk- White chalk can be used on chalkboards. I prefer sidewalk chalk as it is thicker and won’t break as easily. I find that the lighter, pastel colors don’t stain hands and clothes like the fluorescent ones.

10) Stickers - we love stickers over here! You can choose from a variety of styles including colored dots in different sizes.