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Children's Books to Celebrate the Change from Fall to Winter

Today we had snow! In Vancouver, that's a pretty big deal as we are used to rain. It felt like a great time to pull out some books that celebrate the change in season. It's still officially fall, but the signs of winter are definitely here. These books are all beautiful and highlight the beauty of fall and winter, as well as the transition we might see in the later part of autumn.

1) Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter by Kenard Pak. This is part of the series by Pak that so beautifully shows the changes from season to season. His illustrations are beautiful and we love the simple conversation with common animals, plants and other objects from each season. This is great for a wide range of ages and the pages provide lots to look at!

2) Fall Leaves by Loretta Holland and illustrated by Elly MacKay. This book is written in an interesting format. The large font can be read as a poem, or the smaller font can be read to get more information about each change in season. We loved the light box illustrations by Elly MacKay. My students were particularly interested in the cover illustration with the reflection of the water and the title font.

3) Birdsong by Julie Flett. This book is a story about a girl and her mom who move into a new home and meet an elderly neighbour. Although it is not specifically about fall to winter changes, it does take place over the year and each season is divided with the changes in the neighbours health. There are themes of friendship, loss and hope entwined throughout.

4) Winter Sleep by Alex Morss and Sean Taylor, illustrated by Cinyee Chiu, . I have shared this story before because I really enjoy how it highlights the relationship between a grandmother and grandson. It is beautifully illustrated and has information in the back about types of animals who hibernate. It helps us think about the preparation these animals need to undertake in fall to be able to rest during the winter.

5) The Little Yellow Leaf by Carin Berger. This book is about a leaf who is not yet ready to let go. We see all of the other leaves falling to the ground as fall continues and we are unsure what will come of the little yellow leaf. It turns out to be a story of friendship as the leaf notices another one who has the same fears. Together they decided to let go together.

6) Sleep Tight Farm by Eugenie Doyle. I had no idea how much work goes into preparing a farm for winter! This book shows us a year's worth of planning and work on a farm. It is a longer story, so may need to be read over a few sittings with younger children. The illustrations are very engaging.

7) Winter is Coming by Tony Johnston. This book is for nature lovers! We loved the illustrations and the countdown to winter coming. There are descriptions of what each animal does to prepare for winter.

Those are my book choices...which ones would you add?

Take care,


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