• Sarah

A Montessori Home Tour: Cheryl of @ow. montessori. family

This week I was lucky enough to interview Cheryl of @ow.montessori.family Her Instagram account is so peaceful and aesthetically pleasing, I feel calm just scrolling through it. I especially notice how thoughtful and intentional her spaces are...from the reading areas to the nature table. When I asked Cheryl to take part in this tour I was most curious about how her family incorporates balance in their home-with languages, experiences and materials that are provided for her daughter. I hope you enjoy reading the interview and learning more about this beautiful space!

Tell me about yourself...

I was a business development manager of an engineering firm before my first child. Today I am a proud stay at home mom. Since my daughter, Em came along, I have become intrigued in early childhood development and got myself certified as children's yoga teacher. I enjoy travelling and being in nature.

How old is your child?

Em is 26 months old.

When did you first learn about Montessori?

I first learned about Dr Maria Montessori and her pedagogy when a dear friend of mine gifted me the book : The Joyful Child. I was blown away and plunged into reading more about Dr Maria Montessori and her work. I subsequently took up some online courses to further enrich my knowledge. Instagram has also been my daily and constant source of inspiration and motivation.

How have you created a Prepared Environment in your home?

Not knowing where to start , I took up an online course in the US and that was the start of my Montessori at home journey. Keeping it simple and focusing on the main activity areas at home ie. Kitchen & garden for practical work, play room, Art corner and book nooks around the house. We recently added a nature corner in the house after observing Em's interest in living things and her fondness of picking up baubles during our walks in the park.