• Sarah

A Montessori Home Tour: From Montessori Guide to Parent (Sabrina of @momhappens)

This week, I interviewed Sabrina of @momhappens. She is a trained Montessori guide (0-6) and new mom from Costa Rica. The overwhelming theme behind her posts is the reminder to be intentional and present when parenting. I also love that Sabrina is able to give the Montessori theory and then the reality...we need to be flexible and find balance in what works in our home and family. I really enjoyed learning more about her and how she has created a Prepared Environment for her son. Hope you enjoy as well!

Tell me about yourself...

I was born and raised in sunny Costa Rica. I always knew I wanted to work with kids and wanted a solid base and understanding of their development so I got my undergrad degree (@ Rice University, Tx) in psychology with a minor in Education. During one of my education classes, I learned about Montessori and decided to volunteer at a Montessori school close by. I fell in love with the method and philosophy and decided to get my Masters in Montessori Education (3-6). While working in a 3-6 classroom, I noticed that our first years were having trouble with self-regulation, fine motor skills, and language development. I heard about Virginia Varga and her training course at CMTE, NY and decided to get my Montessori Infant/Toddler certification. After working for several years as a Montessori guide and consultant, I decided to move back to Costa Rica and we decided to start a family. I am now a full time mom who is trying to follow her own advice which is harder than it sounds :p.

How old is your child?

Sebastian is 4 and a half months.

How have you created a Prepared Environment?

I believe the most important part of a prepared environment is YOU. Nowadays it is harder to be truly present. Our phones and technology in general easily distract us and take away from the valuable interactions we can have with our family. When Sebastian is awake, I make an effort to be present and not check my phone. I have also created a simple yet intentional Montessori environment for him to play independently. His space consists of a neutral play mat, a horizontal mirror, a wooden baby gym with whatever he is interested in at the moment (mobiles, teething ring, etc), board books, a couple plants, and a shelf with wooden instruments. As he grows older, we will be adapting his environments to fit his needs and interests.