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Why I Love Buying Second Hand

There are many reasons to buy second hand toys and books for your child. It is better for the environment and it saves a lot of money. Thrift stores often give proceeds to charities (depending on the store the percentage varies).

Car ramp (I believe Plan Toys) $10

When I search for toys online (Craigslist or Facebook), I use the key words “wooden toys” or if I am looking for a specific brand, I try that as well. Hape, Plan Toys and Melissa and Doug have many good quality toys to choose from. Thrift stores are a great place to find boxes and trays for activities, cooking and baking utensils, small vases, cloth, baskets, buttons...the list goes on!

$5 Plan Toys material

In my area, there are many Facebook swaps that I am a member of, so I check each one, as well as the Facebook Marketplace. Another benefit to buying a good quality toy, is that you can also sell it second hand and get some or all of the money back when your child is finished with it, or donate to a thrift store, knowing you haven't spent full price and it will help someone in need.

My $2 purchase from a local thrift store. $1 for the puzzle and 50 cents each for the books.

Some things to look for when buying second hand:

-ensure all of the pieces are included and nothing is broken

-ask yourself if you would pay full price for the toy…or is it just an impulse buy

-inspect the toy or book to make sure it is clean (or easy to clean with a quick wipe)

My $2 thrift store box to hold Layla's beads and needles.

Our Craigslist find...Layla's playhouse. It needed a power wash, but well worth the $35 I spent.

Do you buy second hand? What was your best find?

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