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An Art Area for Layla

I recently rearranged the art area in my classroom and was on a decided to set up a little art area at home! Layla has been so interested in colours lately, I wanted to add some activities to support that.

Birds have always been an obsession of Layla's...especially owls, so I added some bird art pieces. My mom and I found a quilt square that my late grandmother had been working on. I added some embroidery thread so I could hang it as well. It feels so nice that a part of her is in Layla's space.

On the top shelf, there are books about music and art, as well as Layla's new favourite-"Pantone Colors." I pulled out some of my "Mommy, it's a Renior" cards from when I taught Kindergarten. The first level of matching cards is perfect for toddlers.

On the second shelf she has some crayons, a mini Buddha Board and paper punchers (these are a bit hard for her still).

On the bottom we have a CD player that she is learning how to use, as well as a basket of instruments.

This shelf is the Lack TV bench from IKEA. It was $14.99 Canadian!

My husband trimmed the legs of a LACK table ($10) and UTTER stool ($4.99) so they are the perfect height.

So far, so good. She was very excited to see her new area, and is using all of the materials daily.

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