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Flower arranging with toddlers

Flower arranging is such a fun and simple activity for children (and adults) of all ages. My upper elementary students love it.

Layla was introduced to flower arranging in her Montessori toddler class last week, so I decided to set up a little station for her at home as well.

Here is what you need (I will go into detail further down):


-a small vase


-plastic placemat or tray



-a crocheted doily

Yesterday we visited the Farmer’s Market and she picked out the sweetest bunch of daffodils. I cut the stems so they would be a good height for her vases.

I found some small vases at Michaels, but my husband also found small juice bottles at an Italian grocery store we go to and they are a great size. You need them to be quite small so your child can carry it independently with water.

I cut a sponge into quarters so it is easier for Layla to use. You will probably have many spills when starting.

I found my placemat at IKEA. A small plastic tray would also work.

Our small funnel is from Ming Wo (a kitchen supply store in Vancouver). It is quite small. Look for one that will fit into your vase.

My mom found small pitchers when she was at the AMS conference, but I have one that is a bit bigger that could be used as well. The most important thing is that you only put the amount of water you need in the pitcher. If you put too much in, there will definitely be a spill.

I bought my doily from Daiso ( a Japanese store in Richmond). I also found some crocheted squares my grandmother made, that I will use next time.

Here are the steps:

1) cut stems of flowers so they are a good length and place in a small container/jar/vase

2) fill the pitcher so it has the right amount of water for one vase. You can fill the vase and pour the water into the pitcher to be on the safe side.

3) put the materials on the placemat

4) demonstrate pouring the water by using two hands (one on the handle and one under the spout)

5) if there are any spills, use the sponge to clean up and squeeze the water back into the vase

6) choose a flower and place in vase

7) find a place to place the vase

8) repeat if desired!

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