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A New Favourite Book

Layla has been very interested in naming colours lately. She points at cars on our walk and can name a few like blue and purple. I name the others for her as she points to each vehicle. She stops to look at a yellow flower and tries to say yellow over and over. At home she collects items that are the same colour and puts them in a pile.

Sometimes, it's tricky though! When does a shade of blue become a shade of green? Does she understand when I say "dark pink" and "light pink"?

I wanted to go by Home Depot to pick up some colour swatches, but I was worried she would just crumple the paper because she is still working on being gentle.

My mom found a board book on Amazon called "Pantone Colors" and we got it yesterday. I love it! Layla was wearing a pink sweater today and was able to find the matching shade of pink in the book. She did it completely independently. It was so amazing to watch her attention to detail. The book isn't completely realistic with illustrations, but pretty close! I think it is a great introduction to colours and their shades.

In this picture, she is holding her sweater up to the book to find the matching shade.

Do you have any colour books that you would recommend?

*** this post contains affiliate links. An affiliate link means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through the link, with no additional cost to you. I only link to products that I have used myself and love. Thank you for your support!

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