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Practical Life Activities for the Week

Spring is in the air! It has been such a beautiful week here. It has really encouraged us to get out and walk and start some Spring Cleaning!

Speaking of cleaning, Layla has been helping with sweeping, cleaning her table and now Swiffering the floor! We adjusted the height of the handle so she is able to maneuver and use it independently.

In the kitchen, we made a baked maple apple oatmeal from the "Oh, She Glows" cookbook by Angela Liddon. It was delicious! I feel so much more confident using vegan recipes when Layla is helping. I don't have to worry about her sticking her hand in the bowl and licking raw egg.

For breakfast on Sunday, Layla cut her toasted bagel and spread peanut butter and jam on it. This was a first for both. Things that made it more successful was putting the bagel down on the flat side to cut it and using a small dish that had the peanut butter and jam in it. We used a children's bamboo knife I picked up from a local kitchen store to spread. Note to self: put less water in her pitcher...there was a bit of a spill!

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