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A Look at Our Front Entrance

Today I made some adjustments to our entrance area. Hopefully, this will help Layla to be even more independent when getting ready to go out. I added a Kallax drawer insert to the bottom section of the bookshelf. This way, she is able to find her socks and hats by herself. Prior to today, these were in a basket also low to the ground. I found that it was hard to keep clean as Layla is in the phase where she loves dumping things out of containers. She will still be able to put her socks in and out of the drawer, but I'm hoping it will stop the urge to just DUMP! I also have limited the number of socks to choose from. I have stored the extra socks in the front closet so the drawer can be refilled as needed.

Her jackets are hung at her level beside the mirror. I used some Command hooks that I ordered from Amazon.

We have stairs that she can sit on when putting her shoes on and taking them off. If we didn't have stairs, I would add a low chair in the entrance.

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