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Why I Love Kallax Shelves

Most of my clients already own something from IKEA in some part of their home. We are lucky because there are two IKEAs within a 25 minute drive from downtown Vancouver. One of the most popular pieces of IKEA furniture I see is the Kallax (formally Expedit). These bookshelves come in different sizes and colours. I really like them for toy organization! They are affordable, simple to put together and (in Vancouver at least) easy to find new or used.

Shelves in any form are great for toys. Toys are less likely to get broken in comparison to just throwing them in a big toy box. It is also easier to clean up as your child will see where an empty spot is and return the toy to it. Beautiful toys can be on display as is or in a small basket depending on the type. Bins can be used on the bottom shelves for larger toys, however I would limit the number of bins you use so toys don't just get dumped and forgotten.

Here are some ideas of how to use Kallax shelves:

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