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Toy Rotation

After spending hours upon hours on Pinterest, I decided to try this concept of "toy rotation." I know this isn't new, and the first time I saw it in action was at my friend Kellie's house. She has twins, but you'd never know because her house is ALWAYS clean. She has been like this since I've known her (pre-twins), but part of her secret is a toy rotation. I remember sitting on her couch and watching her children come down after a nap, and seeing how excited they were to find a new toy or book added back into their collection.

I have been experimenting with this idea for the last few months because I was finding the toys were starting to pile up, it was hard to keep them tidy and they were losing that "new toy" excitement.

Here's what I did:

  1. I collected all of the books and toys and put them on the dining table.

  2. I donated any that weren't our favourites or too young for my daughter (and not worth storing).

  3. I recycled or threw away any broken toys or chewed up books.

  4. I sorted the remaining toys and books into 6 plastic containers. (Some toys always stay out like her animals, blocks, duplo and tunnel/tent from IKEA.)

  5. Now we rotate her toys and books every week or when she seems like she is needing a change.

So far, it has been a great success! Less is definitely more.

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