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The Peaceful Routine Kit and Affirmation Cards are a simple way to help your child practice mindfulness, gratitude and build positive self-esteem. The routine can be built into your morning or bedtime routine, or used throughout the day.

This kit is appropriate for children around 3-8 years old, however the whole family will benefit from the breathing and affirmation cards.

This kit can be used by children at different developmental levels as there are different steps for children who are ready for them. Each affirmation card has a simple affirmation on the front and three longer affirmations on the back, for a total of 28 affirmations.

This kit contains the following printables:
5" x 7" affirmation poster
5" x 7" Peace Corner poster
5" x 7" routine poster (double-sided)
7 affirmation cards (double-sided - each card has 4 affirmations)
2 breathing cards
"All About Me" booklet
"I Am Grateful" booklet


SIBLING KIT INFO: You will receive an additional breathing card and booklet for each child.  You will only receive ONE affirmation card set, ONE of each poster and ONE set of instructions.


Frames are NOT included.

All products are printed in Canada.

Peaceful Routine and Affirmation Card Kit for Children

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