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Primo Art



Montessori is a method that meets each child at their ability level. It was developed by Maria Montessori, one of Italy's first female doctors, over 100 years ago. Montessori felt that every child can be successful and meet their full potential if we prepare their environment for their skills and interests. Montessori supports creativity and curiosity and encourages children to explore and think critically at all ages.


Taking it's name from Montessori's homeland, Italy, Primo means "first" in Italian. Primo Art provides the first art experiences for your child. Primo Art subscription is Montessori-inspired. All activities are developmentally-appropriate and provide children the opportunity to explore materials in a Process-based way. We value the experience of the art itself.


  1. Click here and purchase our course/subscription at Teachable (We highly recommend taking Toddler Art 101 before starting the Monthly Art Club for more quick and easy start with toddler art!)

  2. Join Primo Art's exclusive facebook group for support, inspirations and giveaways

  3. Follow the instructions given in the course, and enjoy the program with a new theme every month if you purchased the subscription!


“I love the art appreciation aspect of this club. I had no idea how to look at and discuss works of art with my 2 year old. This had been helpful and the ideas for doing art with my child has been enlightening. Thanks, Sarah! Keep up the good work!”

- Mom to a 2 year old

“This has been a lovely and inspiring way for us to begin structuring our art exploration, and has encouraged me to think more about preparation of activities we can enjoy.“

- Mom to a 2.5 year old

“Thank you The Prepared Environment for bringing art into my child’s life. I love how I don’t have to think of art ideas as you have them ready to go!”

- Mom to a 1 and 10 year old, Vancouver

“Primo Art Club's easy to implement activities have helped us make art a very enjoyable session at home!”

- Mom of 4