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Layla’s clothes

We wanted Layla to be able to access her clothes easily and independently. I used a Kallax bookshelf that was in another room and turned it lengthwise. My husband added some IKEA drawer inserts and I used free clip art to label the drawers.

I only put 2-3 choices for each category at a time. The rest of Layla’s clothes are in her closet ready to be rotated when needed. Another thing to consider, is that the clothes should be able to be combined in any way. For example, I put out pants that are solid colours and shirts with prints, or vice versa.

This is important because children need practice making decisions. Those decisions should be honoured by adults if they are safe and make sense. If they chose their clothes and then are told “oh...that shirt doesn’t go with those pants,” they will have a hard time believing in the decisions that they make.

And yes, she enjoys taking all of the clothes out and putting them back in. That is another reason I try to have only a couple of items per drawer!

I found a small laundry basket at the dollar store and I have since added bumper guards on the edges and corners so she won’t get injured if she bends down and hits her head. A light weight mirror is available for her to look at as well.

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