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Tissue Paper Stained Glass Sun


What you need:

  • tissue paper cut into squares

  • adhesive contact paper (can be found at the Dollar or hardware store)

  • printout from below

  • 2 pieces of construction paper or cardstock (we used yellow)

  • glue stick

  • scissors

  • glitter (optional)

  • painter’s tape (optional)




Optional: For inspiration, look at the art cards that show sunny weather or read a book about sun before starting the activity.

  1. Print out template from “resources” section and cut construction paper.  It’s easiest to fold the circle and construction paper in half when cutting.

  2. Cut two pieces of adhesive contact paper.

  3. Place tissue paper out in a tray or small basket.

  4. Peel one adhesive paper piece and attach to one construction paper cut out. 

  5. Place on table with sticky side up, using painter’s tape to secure, if you wish.


First Presentation:

  1. If you are adding glitter, sprinkle it on now.

  2. “We are going to put the tissue paper on this sticky paper.  Let’s cover all the clear space.”

  3. “Your turn.”

  4. Once the adhesive paper is covered, glue the other construction paper cut out onto the one with tissue paper.

  5. Peel the second adhesive paper and stick it on (start with the top and smooth as you move down)

  6. Trrim the outside leaving a border of adhesive paper.

Sun Template Printable
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