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Textured Playdough Exploration


What you need:

  • homemade or store-bought playdough

  • rolling pin (optional)

  • waterproof placemat

  • items to press into playdough (comb, Duplo or LEGO, fork, large buttons, plastic containers in recycling bin, pinecone, potato masher, shells, sensory ball, crumpled aluminum foil).  You can make DIY texture sticks by hot gluing items onto a large popsicle stick.  I had great success with buttons. Please remember to choose appropriately sized items for your child to avoid a choking hazard.



  1. Set out placemat.

  2. Put out playdough and 3-5 items to experiment with.


First Presentation:

  1.  “Today we are going to use playdough.”

  2. Roll out or press down the playdough so it is about half an inch thick.

  3. “I’m going to press this (item name) into the playdough.”

  4. “I made lines/indentations/bumps/rough spots.” This is a great time to introduce new vocabulary.  You can model guessing what the indentation will look like before you press the object.

  5.  “Your turn.”

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