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Paint Scraping


What you need:

  • Tempera paint: 2 primary colors

  • placemat

  • damp cloth

  • paper (we used watercolor paper)

  • used gift card

  • painter’s tape (optional)



  1. Set out placemat and gift card

  2. Have a damp cloth available

  3. Tape paper to placemat and placemat to table (optional)

  4. Squeeze a small amount of each paint color on the paper, remember it’s always easy to add more if needed. 



First Presentation:

  1.  “Today we are going to spread the paint all over the paper.”

  2. “Let’s scrape the paint from here to here.  We stay on the paper”

  3. Demonstrate scraping.

  4. “Your turn.”

  5. Put aside to dry.  I bet your child will want to do another one!

IMG_3055 2.jpg
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