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Paint Scraping Lines


What you need:

  • waterproof placemat or garbage bag

  • tempera paint (2 colors that will work well together)

  • paint brush

  • damp cloth

  • cardstock or other thick paper

  • comb



  1. Cover a surface with a placemat or garbage bag

  2. Put a small amount of each paint color on the cardstock

  3. Have a paint brush, comb and damp cloth available


First Presentation:

  1. “Today we are going to cover our paper with paint and then make some lines.”

  2. “You can use the paint brush to mix the colors and cover the paper.” 

  3. Let your child have time to paint. When finished, place the paintbrush away from the art.

  4. “Now let’s make some lines in the paint.”

  5. “I am going to hold the top of the comb and make lines in the paint.  Watch.”

  6. Pass the comb to your child.  “Your turn.”

  7. Let your child experiment.