Rubbing Lines with Crayons

What you need:

  • paper

  • 2-3 crayons (large beeswax blocks are best)

  • tray or box for crayons

  • placemat

  • painter’s tape (suggested)

  • comb or piece of corrugated cardboard with top  



  1. Put out placemat

  2. Place crayons and item to rub in a tray

  3. Put out paper

  4. Suggested: use painter’s tape to tape item and paper to placemat


First Presentation:

  1. “Today we are going to rub some objects with crayons.”

  2. “We put the cardboard down and the paper on top.”

  3. Lay the crayon down on the paper

  4. “Now I hold the crayon and rub back and forth.”

  5. Using the side of the crayon, rub the crayon back and forth until the object’s outline and features are clearly visible.

  6. “Look!  I can see the shape.  I can see lines!”

  7.  “Now it’s your turn.”

  8. Note: It helps to tape the paper to the placemat and then rotate it to do another rubbing.

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