Paint Stamping with Cards

What you need:

  • tempera paint colors (start with one color, have another available)

  • paper

  • placemat or table cloth/garbage bag

  • apron or painting clothes

  • damp cloth for cleaning hands

  • small trays/containers for paint

  • optional: cut a toilet paper or paper towel roll in half to make a curved line stamp

  • old business cards or similar sized cardstock (fold one in half and one into quarters, feel free to make other stamps!)



  1. Cover a surface with a waterproof placemat or garbage bag

  2. Put a small amount of paint in a container (start with one and then add another if desired-choose colors that will mix well together)

  3. Place paper on table

  4. Have a damp cloth and cleaning supplies close by

  5. Put stamping tools out


First Presentation:

  1. “Today we are going to stamp lines.”

  2. “Here is the paint and some cards to make lines with.” 

  3. “Watch me stamp.”

  4. Place card in the paint

  5. Stamp the paper

  6. “I am going to choose another card.”

  7. Stamp the paper

  8. Pass the stamp to your child.  “Your turn.”

  9. Let your child experiment.  Add an additional color if desired.

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