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Stamping Rectangles and Squares

What you need:

  • 1 or 2 tempera paint colors (choose colors that will mix well together)

  • paper

  • waterproof placemat or table cloth/garbage bag

  • apron or painting clothes

  • damp cloth for cleaning hands

  • small trays/containers for paint

  • 1-3 square and rectangle objects (ideas: cut sponges, Mega Blocks, wooden cubes, toilet paper roll folded into a square, stiff paper folded into quarters and taped, potato or carrots cut into squares or rectangles at the ends)



  1. Cover a table with a waterproof placemat (or garbage bag)

  2. Put a small amount of paint in each container (choose colors that will mix well together)

  3. Place paper on placemat

  4. Have a damp cloth and cleaning supplies close by

  5. Put stamping tools out


First Presentation:

  1. “Today we are going to stamp rectangles and squares.”

  2. “Here is the paint and objects to stamp with.” 

  3. “Watch me stamp.”

  4. Place object in the paint

  5. Stamp the paper

  6. “I am going to choose another color and use the other object.”

  7. Stamp the paper

  8. Pass the stamp to your child.  “Your turn.”

  9. Let your child experiment.



Extension: Add one or two stamps that represent other shapes!

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