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Painter's Tape Paint Resist

What you need:

  • paintbrush

  • watercolor paint

  • place mat or table cloth/garbage bag

  • apron or painting clothes (optional)

  • damp cloth for cleaning hands

  • small jar of water

  • painter’s tape

  • watercolor paper (suggested), the thicker the paper the better



  1. Cut painter’s tape into squares and rectangles and stick on paper, ensuring the edges are firmly attached

  2. Cover a surface with a large place mat or garbage bag

  3. Place paper on table (use painter’s tape to attach to mat, if you wish)

  4. Have a damp cloth and cleaning supplies close by

  5. Place paint, paint brush, water in tray or on table


First Presentation:

  1.  “Today we are going to paint.”

  2. “I have put some squares and rectangles on the paper.  Let’s paint over them and see what happens.”

  3. “Here is a brush.  I am going to dip it in water and then in the paint.” 

  4. “Now I am painting the paper.”

  5. “I can dip my brush in water and change colors.”

  6. “Your turn.”

  7. Let the paper dry completely, then carefully remove the painter’s tape to reveal shapes

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