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Crayon Rubbing Patterns


What you need:

􀀀 crayons

􀀀 paper

􀀀 place mat

􀀀 painter’s tape

􀀀 items to rub (see next page for ideas)


Note: Younger children will do best with rubbing plates that are taped to a table. Older children can handle

rubbing items such as baskets or even finding items around the home or outside. You will need to explain that we only color on the paper and not on the items and that we only color for art.



1) Find items to rub.

2) Use painter’s tape to tape item on table and/or paper to item.

3) Place out crayons.

First Presentation:

1) “Today we are going to use these crayons to rub these items.”

2) “Here is a crayon. I am going to gently move it back and forth on the paper.”

3) “I only color on the paper.”

4) “I can see a pattern.”

5) “Your turn.”


You can cut shapes out of the paper and use them for collaging activities!

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