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What you need:

  • paper

  • optional: paper with lines - printout from “resources” section or draw yourself

  • placemat

  • tray

  • circle stickers (can be found at the dollar store…you can even use hole reinforcements on colored paper)



  1. Cover work space with a placemat

  2. Put a small number of stickers in a tray

  3. Place paper on placemat


First Presentation:

  1. “Today we are going to put stickers on some paper.”

  2. “I am going to take off the sticker and put it on the paper.” 

  3. “Watch me.”

  4. Remove sticker and place on the paper.

  5. Pass the stickers to your child.  “Your turn.”

  6. Let your child experiment.



  • To scaffold: take outside sticker border off to help your child peel off stickers, lift a bit of the sticker off sheet and help to stick down if needed

  • As an extension: you can draw a large circle on a paper and your child can place the stickers on the line for hand-eye coordination

  • You can also offer your child some crayons, markers or pencil crayons to draw around the circle stickers.

Circle Template
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