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Snowflake Tape Resist

What you need:

  • Painter’s tape

  • scissors

  • Tempera or watercolor paint

  • Water in small container if using watercolor paint

  • Brush or sponge

  • Thick paper

  • Damp cloth

  • Waterproof placemat



Optional: For inspiration, look at the art cards that show snowy weather or read a book about snow before starting the activity.

  1. Cut painter’s tape into thin rectangles and apply to paper in snowflake patterns

  2. Place out placemat, paint, brush, water and damp cloth.


First Presentation:

  1.  “We are going to cover this paper with paint and then see what happens when it dries.”

  2. “I am going to put the brush into the paint and then on the paper. Let’s cover all of the tape”

  3. “Your turn”

  4. Put aside to dry.

  5. Once the paint is dried, carefully peel off painter’s tape.

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