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Mondrian Inspired Paint Resist


What you need:

  • 2 of: red, blue or yellow tempera/watercolor paint

  • paper

  • waterproof placemat or table cloth/garbage bag

  • apron or painting clothes

  • damp cloth for cleaning hands

  • small trays/containers for paint

  • painter’s tape

  • brush and water



  1. Cover a table with a waterproof placemat (or garbage bag)

  2. Put a small amount of paint in each container

  3. Place paper on placemat

  4. Have a damp cloth and cleaning supplies close by

  5. Use the painter’s tape to create rectangles and squares


First Presentation:

  1. “Today we are going to paint each section a different color.  I am going to start with red.”

  2. “I am going to choose another color. Look what happens when the two colors mix.”

  3. Pass the brush to your child.  “Your turn.”

  4. Let your child experiment.  You might have all one color, or mixes of color…it doesn’t have to be perfect!

  5. Once dry, carefully remove the tape.



Experiment with choosing other combinations!  If your child is older, they can use all three primary colors and use one color in each rectangle like Mondrian.

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