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Painter's Tape Building


What you need:

  • placemat

  • damp cloth

  • painter’s tape

  • watercolor paper

  • scissors

  • tempera paint

  • lid or small tray for paint

  • watercolor paint

  • brush

  • water



  1. Cut painter’s tape to desired length and attach to paper to form the outline of buildings and windows/doors.  See photo for ideas.

  2. Set out placemat.

  3. Put out tempera paint and brush.

  4. Have a damp cloth available.



  1.  “Today we are going to do some painting.”

  2. “I dip my brush in the paint and paint inside these lines (the buildings).”

  3.  “Your turn.  Let’s paint inside the lines.”

  4. When the buildings are painted, but the paper aside to dry.

  5. Once dried, peel off painter’s tape.  Put out watercolor paint, water and brush and invite your child to paint the background.

  6. Optional: add paint or draw with crayons or markers.

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