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Tissue Paper Collage

What you need:

  • small amount of liquid glue

  • water

  • small container for glue

  • brush

  • placemat

  • damp cloth

  • tissue paper cut into squares and rectangles

  • white paper to glue on (watercolor or thick cardstock is suggested)



  1. Set out placemat

  2. Put glue and water in a small container and mix

  3. Place brush and tissue to glue in the tray or on the placemat

  4. Have a damp cloth available


First Presentation:

  1.  “Today we are going to do some collaging.”

  2. “I dip my brush in the glue.”

  3. “Watch me spread the glue on the paper.” (spread a thin layer on the whole surface and put the glue and water mixture aside)

  4. “Now I put a square on the paper.”

  5. Demonstrate collaging.

  6. “Your turn.”

  7. When finished, gently brush a layer of glue/water mixture over the surface.




Tissue paper rips very easily when wet.  You might want to help your child to add more glue to paper once tissue paper is on there, or point to areas where to add it.

Wash the brush with warm water and dish soap when finished.

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