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Mondrian Inspired Collage


What you need:

  • small amount of liquid glue (optional: glue stick)

  • brush, glue spreader or q-tip

  • placemat

  • damp cloth

  • square and rectangle themed collage materials in blue, yellow, black and red

  • paper to glue on



  1. Set out placemat

  2. Put a small amount of glue in a small container

  3. Place brush and objects to glue in the tray or on the placemat

  4. Have a damp cloth available


Optional: Show a Mondrian art piece or the van Doesburg piece included in this month’s resources for inspiration and talk about the colors and shapes!

First Presentation:

  1.  “Today we are going to do some collaging.”

  2. “I dip my brush in the glue.”

  3. “Watch me spread the glue on the paper.”

  4. “Now I put a circle/paper on the glue.”

  5. Demonstrate collaging.

  6. “Your turn.”


Notes: If you use a brush, make sure to wash with warm water and dish soap when finished.

You can tint the glue with a little bit of paint so your child can see where the glue is on the paper.

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