Birch Trees

What you need:

  • placemat

  • damp cloth

  • tree clip art (located under “resources”) – there are two sizes!


Note: there are many ways to do this!  We used tempera paint, watercolor paint, and collaged with torn paper and tissue paper.  Use whatever supplies you have!  The point it to show how this tree’s appearance changes in each season.



  1. Print out trees.

  2. Set out placemat.

  3. Put out art supplies.

  4. Place paper on placemat, attach with painter’s tape if desired.

  5. Have a damp cloth available.



  1.  “Today we are going to make a winter tree. We will use blue, white and pink paint.”

  2. “I dip my qtip in the paint.”

  3. “Watch me make snow by stamping dots on the paper.”  

  4. “Your turn.”


Continue for each season!





Winter tree

We used q-tips and tempera paint









fall tree

We used crumpled aluminum foil and tempera paint













spring tree

We used tissue paper and glue, then decorated with pencil crayons

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