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 Pattern Collage


What you need:

􀀀 small amount of liquid glue (optional: glue stick)

􀀀 brush, glue spreader or q-tip

􀀀 placemat

􀀀 damp cloth

􀀀 patterned paper cut into a variety of shapes

􀀀 paper to glue on


1) Set out placemat.

2) Put a small amount of glue in a small container.

3) Place brush and paper to glue in the tray or on the placemat.

4) Place paper on placemat, attach with painter’s tape if desired.

5) Have a damp cloth available.

First Presentation:

1) “Today we are going to do some collaging.”

2) “I dip my brush in the glue.”

3) “Watch me spread the glue on the paper.”

4) “Now I put a piece of paper on the glue.”

5) Demonstrate collaging.

6) “Your turn.”

Notes: If you use a brush, make sure to wash with warm water and dish soap when finished.

You can tint the glue with a little bit of paint so your child can see where the glue is on the


Patterned paper can be found at the Dollar Store or craft store. You can even use wrapping

paper you have at home.

For extra fun, cut the paper from the crayon rubbing activity!

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